Areas of expertise

Asylum and migration

We provide expert advice and representation in asylum, readmission, detention cases. You need somebody by your side? We speak your language. We can help.

Contracts and litigation

We provide commercially focused, practical advice, guiding you through the process, managing risks, identifying solutions and challenging and defending award procedures. We win cases.

Employment disputes

Employment disputes are always frustrating. However, they make a part of democratic working environment. Building employment relations requires knowledge of more than one legal system and experience in recent court practice. We will make sure both sides understand the terms of the contract and follow them. We offer our research capabilities and experience in representing both parties of employment contract. Our services include initial evaluation, reaching out to competent authorities, representing in pre trial settlement bodies and in the court.

Environmental law

Environment is important to all of us. Reputational damage might be huge if you chose to ignore it. We will help to find solution. For you and our planet.

International dispute resolution

International disputes settlement between governments or while doing business abroad can be highly complex. The legal procedures of each country differ and local law firm experience is essential. We provide international clients with confidential and experienced advice and comprehensive legal representation in Lithuania and important network abroad. Our experience in treaty law and international dispute settlement, government relations, commercial or investment arbitration and international mechanisms both intergovernmental and private will help you to build your strategy and make it work. Our experience also includes compiling international practice and collecting evidence abroad.

International humanitarian law and human rights

We care about the world we live in. We are committed to using our expertise and our experiences working with governments, international organisations and NGOs in the field of the international humanitarian law. We are particularly dedicated to the provision of our legal support to address international human rights and humanitarian emergencies.

Investor protection

Tired of encouragements for futile claims? We are here to provide a professional and honest evaluation of your investment dispute. Our lawyers with more than 25 years’ experience in investment protection will look at every aspect and will suggest an optimal solution. We know every tool in the toolbox, and happy to share our knowledge with you.

Law of the sea

We have long standing experience in many fields of international law of the sea and maritime law including bill of laden, pollution incidents, port state control, maritime zones, fisheries control, prompt release of vessels and crews and many others. We are experts in regulation of wind farms at sea. The ocean is regulated by treaties. We know about them.


We can support your response to public tender procedures in Lithuania and abroad through our partners and contractors. We provide services both to bidders and contracting authorities. We will guide you through complex infrastructure, transport and IT projects, not only in the public sector and will represent you in procurement-related disputes and litigation.

Public service and administrative law

Living in a foreign country might not be easy. Our lawyers will help you to keep it under control. Corruption and unfair practices should be reported. Need an expert advice – give us a shout.

State immunity

International practice of state immunity is complex and evolving fast. Our lawyers follow it closely and will prepare an extensive report if you happen to be interested. Or we might just advice to have a look in case you should. Sanctions or no sanctions, state and diplomatic immunity is a still a very pertinent aspect to remember. We know big deal about it.


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