Minimum wage increases as of 1 January: work contracts need renewal

As of January this year, the minimum monthly wage is €840 before taxes. The hourly wage is €5.14. Employment contracts indicating a lower wage must be amended as of January this year to indicate a minimum wage that is in line with these requirements.

It should be noted that Article 141 of the Labour Code of the Republic of Lithuania stipulates that the minimum wage may only be paid for unskilled labor. Foreigners referred to in Article 140-8(3) of the Law on the Legal Status of Aliens (asylum seekers or foreigners who have illegally crossed the state border of the Republic of Lithuania) who have acquired the right to work in accordance with Article 140-13(1)(2) or (3)(2) of the same Law, may be paid the minimum wage only if the position specified in the employment contract is (1) listed as occupation in short supply, or if (2) a seasonal employment contract is concluded.

In all other cases, the employer of such foreigner must pay more than the minimum wage and apply to the Employment Service for a work permit for the foreigner. The work permit is issued either upon confirmation of the foreigner’s qualifications or at a salary higher than the national average wage (currently €1,799 before taxes).




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