Avoiding forced recruitment in Russian Federation constitutes basis for asylum

Protests and sold out flights out of the country forecast a wave of forced conscripts and anti war protesters seeking asylum in the neighbouring countries. Meanwhile, measures are discussed and already introduced limiting influx of people fleeing the mobilisation. Denying the right to seek asylum can be illegal.

UNHCR Draft Guidelines No.10 examine the position of individuals who seek international protection to avoid recruitment by and service in armed forces. These recommendations, drafted in 2013 refer to various situations, such as desertion which involves abandoning military duty or post or resisting the call up for military duties for reasons of conscience or for other reasons and draft evasion when a person does not register for, or does not respond to, a call up or recruitment for compulsory military service. As described in the guidelines, the evasive action may be as a result of the evader fleeing abroad, or may involve, inter alia, returning call up papers to the military authorities. In the latter case, the person may sometimes be described as a draft resister rather than a draft evader, although draft evader is used to cover both scenarios in these Guidelines. Draft evasion may also be pre-emptive in the sense that action may be taken in anticipation of the actual demand to register or report for duty.




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